As staggering as it may seem, this is the eighth holiday video I have done for Mekanism. It features the entire staff of 90 in a bouquet of absurdity.

The vignettes were inspired by things that I find utterly absurd. Daytime dramas, tech startups, televangelist broadcasts, avante garde art films, bad magic shows, early 90s workout apparel... They are all so bad and yet so wonderful.

It is always a challenge to approach a film working with basically 100 extras and a dozen outfits. Things tend to go off the rails pretty quickly, which is right where I want things to go anyway. I like directing off-road. Plus, it is great to provide a place for people to just be weird and it be totally okay.

Happy Holidays.


For those concerned, I still remain vigilantly drug-free.

Writer/Director - Adam Avilla
Director of Photography, Editing, and Best Man - Edward Schmidt IV
Executive Producer and Keeper of Sanity - Kara Bello
Producer and Bringer of Jams and Dance Moves - Amanda Schultz
Production Managers and Deliverers of Wit and Sarcasm - Laura Peguero and Kat Rzepecki
Wardrobe & Masterful Styling - Kara Bello and Cali Bondad
Lord of Animation Skills - Richard Krolewicz the Chaste
Special dance appearance by the elderly dance troupe "THE BUNDT CAKES" with their signature piece 'The Step & Snap"
An even more special dance appearance by the world renowned director, artist, writer, thespian, and professionally trained dancer, "MIMI CAVE!"