Bolt Lighting is a premier rental house specializing in providing high-quality lighting equipment and services for film, television, and commercial productions. With a reputation for reliability, expertise, and innovation, Bolt Lighting has become a trusted partner for filmmakers and production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bolt Lighting approached Triangle Twins with a unique challenge: to create a brand film that would showcase the company's extensive range of lighting equipment and capabilities in a memorable and engaging way. The goal was to highlight Bolt Lighting's expertise and products while demonstrating their versatility and ability to enhance any production. Working closely with Matthew Stouppe and the Bolt Lighting team, we developed a concept for the brand film that would showcase the company's lighting equipment in a series of humorous and surreal vignettes. The film would feature the same location, actors, and script for each scene, but with the lighting design dramatically altered to switch genres and subtext, creating an entertaining and visually striking contrast.

The brand film served as a powerful tool for attracting new clients and reinforcing existing relationships, positioning Bolt Lighting as the go-to rental house for lighting equipment and services in the region.


   Baily Hopkins
   Sheriff Kumaran
   Alexis Hutt


Writer, Director, Producer 
Director of Photography   
Best Electric   
Set Lighting Tech   
Key Grip   
Best Grip   
   Adam Avilla
   Ethan Indorf
   Dexter Simmons
   Sage Lillaheart
   Matthew Stouppe
   Michael Boomer
   Peter Dendrinos
   Marc Lenahan
   Evan Gardiner

Special thanks to our friends at Little Moving Pictures